It’s blog time…

So this here is now officially a blog page.

Hooray, hooray!…

It’ll make it easier for me to do more of what I want (important stuff of course). Like publishing things I normally wouldn’t – things that don’t fit in the categories I’ve got in the menu so far (don’t ask me what ’cause I don’t have a clue yet (or maybe I do but don’t want to tell you).

It will also make it easier for you to follow whatever new things I put up. There’s a zillion ways you can follow a blog so I’ll leave it up to you to figure it out…

But, on a little more serious note, it’s kinda exciting. I can put up random photos, new snippets of music, random things and thoughts that infiltrate my vision and maybe things I like that I think you also should like (but, of cooourse you don’t have to – no – no – no – heaven forbid you should feel forced into liking something – noooo – free will is the thing here, amigos)

So to start things off… Here’s a cover of ‘Goodbye’ by Steve Earle I put out on Soundcloud today. It’s an excellent song and I tried to do it justice. I’ve actually listened to Emmylou Harris version a lot more, so if you haven’t heard that one you should check it out. It’s all about heartache and Mexico. Two things I know a thing or two about.


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