I turn around
In circles
Back and front
History trying to repeat itself
Future trying to influence
I force quit them both
I live in the present
I act and breathe in the present
All attempts on my person in time
Will be overthrown
And discarded with
Be warned.


2014 is coming to an end. Wether I like it or not, I usually look back a bit more when the year ends and come to various conclusions (like I shouldn’t have had that one-last-beer…). This year, one of the things I’ve learned and is a 100% certain about is that I sure as hell ain’t gonna be fattening no more frogs for snakes…

Recorded live in the kitchen – just me – no overdubs


New Section With Old Stuff

There’s a new section in the menu called ‘IN THE ARSENAL‘.

I’ll be filling it up with photos of the various things I use to get stuff done while creating whatever it is I’m creating…

This first thing here is called a Kreuzwender (seriously, that’s what it says on the box). It’s five tremolo harps all put together and made by Hohner in Germany (hence Kreuzwender, I guess). It’s a marvelous little big thing that I’ve used a bunch of times.